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Poudreuse, Pente raides, Pentes glacées, Sauts, Bosses, ect...

C’est la machine ultime pour ceux qui aiment l’intensité du Grand Ski.



Big Mountain Series

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Parfait pour les skieurs de tous niveaux, débutant à l'expert!

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World Cup Plyometric Power

Le plus compétitifs
Parfait pour les coureurs et les athlètes d'élite. Lire la suite...
The U.S. Ski Team has been using the Skier's Edge World Cup Plyometric Power year round as part of our race program. We have learned that the athletes are able to develop the anaerobic system in a very progressive way while using these sport specific components. The high intensity that the athletes are able to produce on the Skier's Edge World Cup Plyometric Power develops the anaerobic system very effectively. Overall, we see the Skier's Edge as a great tool for preparing our athletes for the intense load involved in ski racing.
Per Lundstam
U.s. Ski Team Sport Science Department
I am delighted with its beautiful, efficient design. As a Mechanical Engineer, I appreciate the top quality materials and durable components. I have enjoyed using both the All Mountain Master and the Powder/Mogul Master, which have tremendously improved my balance, coordination, and endurance...My skiing has undergone an amazing improvement since I started using the System 4!...It is easy and fun to use, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a quantum leap in their ski technique in the shortest possible time!
A. Harris
Aluquerque, New Mexico
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