• Soyez à l'aise dans vos chaussures avant de vous allez sur la piste.
  • Pour mettre en place dans la bonne position des des bottes..
  • Est activement engagé dans votre cœur.
  • Ne jamais perdre la confiance ou de contrôle.
  • Affiner votre technique pour les virages parfaitement liés.
  • Copier ce que vous ressentez sur la montagne.
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Avec le BootMaster c'est comme vous êtes sur la piste!!

This is the best exercise and conditioning equipment I have ever used. The key word here is used. I'm maintaining an 81 lb weight loss and I will use this equipment because I enjoy it! To maintain a weight loss such as mine, minimum 30 minutes of aerobic workout daily is a must. My Skier's Edge makes it a pleasure. I am healthfully hooked!

S. Anne | Irving, TX

It took me over two years to purchase my Skier's Edge. Now I ask myself why I waited so long. My Skier's Edge is an integral part of the diet and exercise program that helped me lose 32 lbs in three months, and keep the weight off. I now use my machine three to four times a week for cardiovascular conditioning, ski muscle conditioning, and improved stamina. The fact that it has helped improve my overall skiing is an added bonus.

E. Lampinen | Manistee, MI

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