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It´s like someone flipped a switch

I was a bit skeptical about the Skier’s Edge, especially concerning my wife. She only got into skiing because both our daughters and I love it so much. Very tentative on the snow, she was always the last one down the hill. Now, after only two months on our All Mountain Master, she is skiing the fall line with much better rhythm, timing, and with a lot more confidence and skill. It’s like someone flipped a switch, and bing…she got it. Which of course, has made our trips more fun for her, and for all of us. Thanks!

T.Birdseye • Corvallis, OR

Shot a very easy 75

WOW!!!! WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!!! Wish we had gotten this piece of equipment much sooner. What a wonderful, well made and designed machine this is. Being a golfer, I have always worked hard on shifting my weight, but after three workouts on the Skier’s Edge this really showed me how to do that effectively. I went to the Club and shot a very easy 75 on a tough championship golf course. So now I see what you mean when you said that it would help you in other sports.

K. Nelson • Cape Coral, FL

Never thought my injury would help make me a better skier

“I have been skiing for 25 years. In January I injured my knee and underwent reconstructive surgery. I thought my skiing days were over or at least my aggressive skiing style. Desperate to have an enjoyable return to the slopes, I purchased the Skier’s Edge System 4. When ski season returned, I discovered that the use of the Skier’s Edge had not only been responsible for my successful return to the slopes, but I also found more power and endurance than I had ever felt before. I would have never thought my injury would help make me a better skier. My only regret is that I was not training on the Skier’s Edge any earlier. The strength it builds throughout the legs and knees is different than any machine in our health club and would have likely prevented my injury. By the way, in 3 short months of using the All Mountain Master, my wife has improved her balance, timing and stamina enough to spring out of that intermediate level rut and even lead me down the black diamonds. Thank you for this awesome piece of equipment!

M. Maners • Birmingham, AL

The Austrian WC Ski Team

Ski Austria Ski Kader

Ski Austria Logo

Our racers do 1000 turns at max resistance in World Record time. …In my opinion the machines are perfect and I have no idea how to make them any better. Next season we will train harder on the Skier’s Edge equipment to get even better results than this 2005/2006 season.

Reinhard • Head Conditioning Trainer for the Austrian WC Ski Team

Toni Giger - Head Coach & Guenther Birgmann - Assistant Coach,  Austria Ski Team

Toni Giger – Head Coach & Guenther Birgmann
Assistant Coach, Austria Ski Team

I’m thoroughly convinced that the Skier’s Edge World Cup Plyometric Power is a unique and valuable training tool. All of our athletes’ conditioning programs include time well spent on the Skier’s Edge.

Guenther Birgmann • Assistant Coach, Austria Ski Team

Nicole Hosp

I´m very happy with the new machine! It works great. It´s perfect training for me and I´m sure that it is the reason I’m having such a successful season. Thanks a lot.

Nicole Hosp • Currently in the 10 overall, in World Cup standings, Austrian National Ski Team