Working out with the Rpm attached to any of the Skier's Edge ski machines is can be a great way of maintaining general ski fitness. There are various muscle groups that can be worked on here, this is a great general toning exercise to take and users may find that they get cardio benefits from this form of exercise. This is also widely held to be a great way of building general stamina and many gym goers will use these machines regularly on that basis alone.
  • Does everything the All Mountain Master does and more
  • Gives you more adjustments
  • Accomodates more performance accessories for your enjoyment

This Is Our Most Popular & Versatile Version

The RPM was designed with the serious skier in mind. It is our most versatile platform ever. An aluminum slide plate allows the two independent action footpads to be adjusted quickly into 8 stance positions. Change your stance to accommodate different ski/race techniques from slalom to downhill. Enhance your workout with a selection of interchangeable accessories available only on the RPM.  


Single Footpad Stance For an intense anaerobic workout, one leg at a time.


Powder/Mogul Stance Simulates skiing in deep powder, navigating trees or steep bump runs.


Tight Carve Stance Great for practicing quick, tight turns.


Medium Carve Stance Aggressive carving position for shaped skis.


Wide Carve/Racing Stance For racing or cruising down long, winding runs.


Wide Athletic Stance Leg strengthening and conditioning for skiing and other lateral sports such as golf, basketball, soccer, etc.


Extra Wide Cross-Training Stances


Extra Wide Cross-Training Stances

Zubehör für den RPM

Slope Simulator

Upper Body Edge