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A second time around skier at 70, I was out of shape, overweight, and recovering from back surgery. I hopped a Skier's Edge and nine months later my skiing has improved to a level "9", I've dropped one size and lost 15 pounds, not to mention my improved balance and endurance. A great machine for all ages, fun to use, and the rewards are what your entire advertising claims. When riding the chair I'm frequently asked how I stay in shape. My answer is "The Skier's Edge. It's the best machine I've ever used."

R. Looney | Victor, NY

I'm a 61 year-old skier, and last season had trouble keeping up with a friend in his 70s (he is an excellent skier). He kept telling me about his Skier's Edge conditioning machine, and at the end of last season I purchased a Powder/Mogul Master Skier's Edge machine. I am amazed. This year, with the help of my Skier's Edge, I not only can keep up with my older friend, but have Skier's 10 and 15 years younger than myself asking me to hold up while they catch their breath. I've done nothing different to prepare for this ski season except work hard on my Mogul Master. Thanks for a great training device.

M. Weymouth | Fort Collins, CO

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